THE story

Better wealth beginnings

Caleb Guilliams grew up in central Wisconsin, is the oldest of six and has always had an unwavering desire to understand how money works. He spent years travelling the country, constantly asking questions and learning from some of the best financial advisors. Leveraging his age, financial knowledge and the internet, Caleb started what is now known as Better Wealth Solutions.

THE vision

You are your #1 asset

Your ability to think, act and solve problems brings tremendous value to you and those around you. You have gotten to where you are because you have taken initiative and controlled certain parts of your life. Why should your money be any different? We believe that you are your greatest asset and your number one investment should be in yourself, your business or initiatives that you're passionate about.


help people see and reach their highest potential

We can show people how to attain financial freedom, but we believe that doesn't hold much value if they don't know why it matters to them in the first place. Having a hefty bank account means nothing if you don't know what your Why is. We take great pride in having the opportunity to help people see and reach their highest potential not just financially, but in other aspects of their lives as well.

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